Photo by Dan Swain



Having traveled near and far, the most important lesson I've learned is how to communicate through visuals. Learning various disciplines of art has given me so many amazing opportunities, and life long friendships. 

I specialize in video, primarily editing, my attention to detail benefits me greatly when working on multiple projects. I enjoy editing because its like putting a puzzle together. Everyone involved in production prior to post may have a good idea of what it could look like, but the editor is the one who must realize that vision.

While earning my BA in media production, I found photography was an excellent way to compliment my career path. The discipline it takes to capture a unique photo is something that has given me a new appreciation for great professional photographers. 

I recently started playing in the  graphic design sandbox. I find great joy in producing art for clients, and watching them light up and say "This was exactly what I wanted." 

In the winter of 2016 I moved from my hometown of Akron, OH to accept a position as an editor in Dallas, TX. Despite the initial culture shock, I've found that no matter what situation I'm in I will always find a way to smile and try to help others along the way. 

CONTACT:  info.jsomedia@gmail.com